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Maureen Callnan, Licensed and board certified therapist/counselor

About Maureen Callnan, APRN, BC

Maureen Callnan works with individuals, their families and caregivers using a mix of therapeutic modalities and weaving compassion, acceptance and mindfulness into her treatment.

Trained as both a psychotherapist and advanced practice registered nurse, Maureen brings a unique perspective to her psychotherapy practice, one that incorporates a thorough understanding of how physical/medical issues can impact mental health.

When appropriate, her therapeutic approach includes aspects of cognitive behavior therapy (CBT). This structured approach focuses on here and now issues, such as problematic thought patterns, difficult feelings and defeating behaviors. Newer developments in CBT, such as Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy, are often integrated into treatment. She also has a strong interest in nutrition based healing.

Many years of experience in acute care and clinic settings, has helped her develop an expertise in identifying instances when medication can be an appropriate adjunct to therapy. When appropriate, Maureen will work with a client and his or her primary care physician to determine the right medication at the right dose.

Maureen earned an undergraduate degree in psychology and master’s degree in nursing from the University of Southern Maine. She completed postgraduate work in psychotherapy at Boston College. She began working in the field in 1989 and founded her private practice in 2004. In addition to her private practice, Maureen is part of a multidisciplinary team at a hospital based outpatient clinic that provides mental health services and cognitive assessments for older adults.

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