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Maureen Callnan, Licensed and board certified therapist/counselor

“ You made such a difference for Mom with your understanding, compassion and expertise … I hope that you can take comfort in the ways you've touched so many lives, even in very difficult circumstances, such as Mom's condition.”


Treatment Works

At some time in your life, you are likely to experience emotional distress or care for someone who does. And while this is a natural part of living, the effects of depression, anxiety or living with a chronic illness can be extremely challenging. Having someone to talk with and work through these feelings can help.

As a health care professional and therapist, Maureen Callnan, APRN, BC, will make an accurate diagnosis and provide treatment recommendations. Her approach is holistic with attention to physical and emotional wellbeing. Treatment is individualized and strength based. That means you will learn to use the skills and inner resources you already have as a starting point.

Treatment works for individuals suffering from:

  • Anxiety and depression
  • Shame and self blame
  • Grief from losses
  • Memory loss and mood changes
  • Self sabotaging habits
  • Caregiver/ compassion fatigue
  • Living with chronic illness

Offering: Individual therapy. Family therapy.
Group therapy. Classes. Workshops.

Contact info: 207.773.1966
with questions or to schedule an appointment.